2018 Entry & Seeding

Entry & Seeding Requirements for Wisconsin State/Regional Show Championships 2018

2018 Official Entry Form      Pre-State Practice Sign Up and Waiver

Here’s how it works:

  1. Teams from each division will have their choice as to day and slot preference, determined by their previous year’s finish. Teams will be required to select a position open in their respective division.
  2. There will be no trades.
  3. Registration Entry Fee is $500. Completed Entry form and fee must be turned in before seeding meeting.
  4. All entries received after the end of the seeding meeting will pay an additional $100 late fee. Late entry fee will be waived for new teams.   Entries will be closed upon filling the tournament or May 15 of the current year whichever comes first.  Once the tournament field is set any team canceling or being disqualified will forfeit their entry fees.
  5. The maximum number of teams allowed to ski on Thursday is 3; Friday and Saturday will be 9 and 7 on Sunday. Example of 2018 seeding is available to print.
  6. This tournament will be sanctioned by USA-WS and will be run by NSSA competition rules.
  7. All teams and individuals must be current members of USA WS and WWSF to compete for State trophies.


  • Pre-State Practice will be held July 14-15, sign up and waiver due by June 1, 2018
  • All teams must submit a copy of a team member’s USA Water Ski official safety coordinators card with entry form.
  • All teams must submit a copy of their Show Director’s Safe Sport Certification from USA Water Ski with entry form.
    • Access Token – TVQQ-GZNL-SEBT-INS8
  • All teams must submit a copy of their current years USA Water Ski affiliation certification with entry form.
  • All teams must sanction their practices and shows through USA Water Ski/NSSA and the sanction number is requested on the tournament entry form.
  • All teams must fill out and return an Officials Ballot.
    • Please only fill out the ballot for the Division you will be skiing in for 2018, and the second page which includes the officials for Individual Events. 

Click here for a printer friendly copy of 2018 Seeding & Requirements

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