2020 Order of Events


The Wisconsin Water Ski Federation and the Aqua Skiers regret to announce that the TEAM competition part of the 2020 Wisconsin State Water Ski Show Championships is cancelled.

The WWSF executive board and representatives of the Aqua Skiers held discussions over the previous couple of weeks about how to safely conduct this event. Guidance from the Wood County Health Department was a determining factor in making this difficult decision. The director indicated that it would “irresponsible of us to host an event of this magnitude” and that there is always a possibility of issuing new orders restricting group sizes and gatherings should there be a spike in COVID-19 cases.

We believe it is our responsibility to ensure a safe environment for all participants, officials and spectators at water skiing events and activities. Bringing 26 teams together over four days presents many challenges for adhering to all of the best practices prescribed by the CDC, Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Wood County Health Department and local jurisdictions.

We are exploring ways in which we might be able to have a state individual acts competition and will announce more information about that possibility at a later date. Additionally, we are working on two unique programs focused on individual skills advancement and will announce those details soon.

June 21, 2020 UPDATE: 

WWSF to hold Swivel and Freestyle Regional Qualifier

The WWSF is pleased to announce that there will be a State/Regional Qualifying Individual Acts Competition consisting of Swivel and Freestyle Jump. The competition will be held at Lake Wazeecha and hosted by the Aqua Skiers on the original date of Thursday, July 16. Event times and other information will be available soon. Entry information has been posted on the WWSF website in the Document Library.

If there is a National Individual Acts Competition, Wisconsin Region qualifiers will be based on 2019 results for Team Jump and Doubles.

If there is no National Individual Acts Competition, this plan is subject to change.

Registration for the 2020 Swivel and freestyle jump competition can be found here.

Please direct all inquiries to Chris Coupland, WWSF president, via email to chris@waterski.org.


More information about the tournament can be found on the Wisconsin Water Ski Federation’s website. 

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