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Can you:
Ski? Slalom? Barefoot? Jump? Wakeboard? Sky-Ski? Swivel? Do Ballet? Base Pyramids? Climb Pyramids? Drive a boat? Operate a camera? Sew? Paint? Build things?

If you answered yes or, “I want to” on any of the above, or if you want to learn the above skiing skills, you will absolutely be an asset to our team.

Check out our Calendar page, and stop by a practice. We’ll teach you everything you need to know!

Many join as families and participate together, some on the water. Some on shore. Show skiing is a wonderful way for families to spend summers together, as well as a great way to become life-long friends with fellow members.

Alternately, go to the Contacts section, and feel free to call or email any one of us for more information and answers to any of your questions.

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