Aqua Skier’s News

Welcome to the Wisconsin Rapids Aqua Skiers new blog! 

The purpose of this blog is to keep everyone informed and updated on what our team is doing. Enjoy!

Monarch Aerial Yoga/Dance Class 


On Friday, April 8th the Aqua Skiers attended a Monarch Aerial Arts class. Members had a blast learning new aerial skills and are looking forward to attending another class in the future! For more information see: Monarch Aerial Arts Website

Tri-City Curling

On Sunday, March 20th the Aqua Skiers were welcome by the Tri-City Curling Club in Port Edwards. We are thankful for the time they spent with us teaching us how to curl. It was a blast and our team would highly recommend checking them out!
Tri-City Curling Club’s Website

Wisconsin Rapids Polar Plunge February 6th 2016


From Left: Taylor C. Danielle M. Reece V. Karyn H. Autumn L. Pam W. Jordan B. and Shawn B.

This year was the team's 7th year participating in Special Olympics Polar Plunge. Eight members decided to get Freezin' For a Reason and  raised a total of $2,010. This is the most the team has ever raised. Three of our members even jumped twice! Danielle M., Reece V., and Shawn B. all took the plunge twice! Member Karyn H. decided to participate in the plunge this year because it fell on her birthday, what a great way to celebrate! We are so proud of all our members for donating or taking the plunge! The team is looking forward to plunging again next year and has goals to raise even more money next year! Thank you to everyone who came out to support and donated to this great cause!
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