About Us

A brief history…

The Wisconsin Rapids Aqua Skiers Waterski Show Team was formed in 1959 as an offshoot of the Central Wisconsin Boater’s Club.  In 1967, Jack Lukes had the foresight to start the Wisconsin State Waterski Show Tournament, which the Aqua Skiers have hosted ever since on the Red Sands beach of sunny Lake Wazeecha.

Our Homes

BRAND NEW Site under construction! We are excited to announce the construction of our brand new river site on the Wisconsin River. The construction of the site is part of the new Bridgewater Development and features a much safer site for our skiers and spectators. Our new site features a parking lot, public bathrooms and is located on the new over half mile long recreational trail.  The site is still located approximately three miles above the Biron Dam on North Biron Drive in Wisconsin Rapids.  We can’t wait to hit the water and showcase this incredible new site!


We are also the proud host of the world’s largest Water Ski Show Tournament!  The Wisconsin State Water Ski Show Tournament  is held  each year in July at Red Sands beach on Lake Wazeecha. Our Lake Wazeecha site is also where we perform our weekly shows.  It is well know in the show skiing world that this site is one of the best show water skiing sites in the entire world! In September of 2016 we hosted the World Water Ski Show Tournament; it was an incredible, once in a lifetime experience. Thanks to many sponsors, we have been able to add a permanent, concrete stage to the beach and a large, semi permanent floating starting dock, a new shelter for concessions and stairs leading down to the bay area. The Aqua Skiers rely on our ever supportive community to assist us in future endeavors.

Mission Statement

The Aqua Skiers are organized exclusively for the charitable and educational purpose of educating members of the appropriate techniques, rules, regulations and safety involved in the sport of water-skiing and boating.

The business end of things…

The Aqua Skiers have one of the lowest show ski team membership dues in the state.  Paid membership is required for any person to take part in any aspect of the club such as skiing, riding in boats, dock crew, sound manager, announcer, backstage coordinator, safety director, holding a board member position, and more. The dues cover membership and insurance through the USA Waterski Association, the Wisconsin Water Ski Federation (WWSF), as well as costuming the skiers and all show personnel, putting gas in the boats, and keeping equipment safe and up to date.  Since we host the WI State Tournament every year, we are extremely fortunate to be able to concentrate on our skiing and running the team, and don’t require much extra-curricular fundraising on the side.

Membership roles

One of the most common questions asked about Aqua Skier membership is whether or not a person has to know how to ski to be a member.  The answer to that is a resounding, “No!”  We have special nights set aside each week for those who are just learning to ski. There are also nights dedicated to developing your existing skills, as well as evenings for practicing our Show Acts.  Show acts are the stunt routines that are performed in either the Development Team Show or the Themed Show (which is performed at the State and National Competitions).

We also have a huge need for non-skiing members in the club.  Contrary to what someone may think- we need just as many (if not more!) non-skiers as those skiing!  The team has tow boat drivers, riders, safety boat  and land safety crews, back stage coordinators, show land coordinators, people to run the sound system, dock and rope managers, costume designers, business-end of things people, and more.

Keeping the ski area working smoothly during a practice or show can be a full-time job.

As you can see, this is an all-inclusive sport.  Nobody has to sit on the sidelines and watch their children (or parents) do the sport.  It is incredibly rewarding to know that your help on the sidelines makes the water activity possible.  Show skiing is truly a sport that can be enjoyed by the entire family.

Thank You’s!

An enormous thank you needs to be dedicated to our sponsors. Most of our sponsors are local area businesses, who love supporting our community and we rely on them to keep us on the water.  Please patronize them by visiting their websites and local businesses!

We also thank our parents, families, friends, and volunteers who help us all year round to put together the best tournament and shows possible.

The Aqua Skiers would not be show skiers without our audiences.  We truly appreciate your continued support. We strive to entertain you fully every time we ski.

We are incredibly grateful to be part of this amazing community!


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